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website design


The fundamental elements of web design have remained constant since our inception in 1992. Put forward compelling information using a clean, crisp, professional look and feel. Couple intuitive site navigation with an interactive, immersive experience while keeping content fresh and current. These timeless principles guide our custom development whether building a simple brochure site or implementing a large, state-of-the-art design. IMT specializes in helping individuals, sole proprietors and small businesses establish an Internet presence. And that help is appreciated as over 80% of our work comes from referrals and word-of mouth. Read more...


web enhancements


Design elements have remained constant, but faster networks, rich media and Web 2.0 technologies have provided a new fundamental. We can no longer dictate how customers receive our message. Some like to read, others listen and even more watch. So we produce print, HD videos, slide shows, virtual tours, podcasts, mapping, coupons and blogs for the computer and mobile devices. Desktops, laptops, iPhones, Blackberries, smart and flip phones, iPods, Netbooks, portable gaming devices such as the Sony PSP, Kindles and more. IMT delivers content to your customers on the platform and device they choose. Read more...


social media


Now let's market the content. Email and text messaging campaigns, search engine optimization, banner ads, and link exchanges are familiar ground for IMT. However, the growth of social networks can increase your exposure exponentially. We're social media enthusiasts and use these sites every day for our business and the magazines and portals we own. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, FlickR, TripAdvisor, LinkedIn, MySpace plus dozens more - we can explain how each works and recommend where you should be. All of these services are free, but if you find the task daunting, we can provide advice, setup, customization, integration and management. Read more...


get started

Get Started

Design it. Repair it. Enhance it. Market it. Measure it. Track it. Tweak it. No matter where you are in the process, IMT can help. For more information and knowledgeable advice with no pressure, there are numerous ways to contact us. A few minutes on the phone is always the best - call today at 623.217.6574.

Latest Work

Launched rich media panels (HD video, slideshows, virtual and audio tours plus mapping) for the Twin Palms Hotel, Macayo's Mexican Restaurants, and the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce.



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